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Nars, whose last social media cam­paign man­aged to gen­er­ate not-insignificant inter­est in a new cos­met­ics col­lec­tion with­out giv­ing away free prod­uct, is hop­ing to do the same with its nex …

Great idea Nars!

Happy Women’s History Month

wisdom from Nora

Happy Women’s History Month


wisdom from Nora


the new neutrals


the new neutrals

Friday Features: Fashion Photographer, Raja Siregar

Photography is like painting…Raja Siregar

Some people you meet and you just know they are on their way up and up. That is Raja Siregar, Indonesian fashion photographer in Jakarta. I met Raja through some of my fashion marketing students, who’d hired him for a fashion shoot for there final project - yes, Indonesian students go over and aboard for an awesome grade - if you are a student, take note. Nonetheless, I was looking for a fashion photographer who had experience in the industry, that was willing to teach some giddy fashion marketing students the art of fashion photography. Raja agreed and not only was he well liked, he was the Indonesian Idol among all of the teen girls in and out of his class. If one more student came to me and asked when they would have Mr. Raja for class, I was going to scream. 

This 26 years old hottie, with an IT background, started because “I just like taking pictures”. This passion has spawned him consistent editorial work with Elle Indonesia, Grazia Indonesia and Joy magazine; along with countless designer commissions. It is no wonder Raja was swepted away to New York for Fashion week this past September 2012 and will be featured in an upcoming Elle issue. We can’t wait to see more from this artist. 

How did you become a fashion photographer? 

Basically I like any kind of photography, especially landscape and travel, but fashion photos gives me a different challenge because it is about how to create some kind of dream world through photography; telling a story behind the concept of the fashion. And I meet so many great people in the industry from different fashion magazines that have their own unique vision - that’s the reason why I became a fashion photographer.

What makes a good fashion photographer?

Good taste. Photography is like painting, nothing is ‘wrong’ its just not for everyone’s taste. 

I loved your creative photo shoot for Remigius Aliwarga - The Possessed Collection. You took some really creative shots. How did you develop the concept for the shoot in order to make it so amazing?

That concept just suddenly struck in my mind when Remi asked me to take a picture for her new collection. She wanted something dark for the picture, so I began to look for this haze machine on the internet. I asked my friend - who has a cool house - if I could use this location for the photo shoot. Everything just sort of happened from there. 

It only took two hours to complete the photo shoot because the model was just awesome; I didn’t do much editing because the makeup was flawless. And there you go.

What are your thoughts on fashion blogs?

I think their kind of cool, because you can see so many different styles and get inspiration from them. Plus, making a blog is free, so it will encourage many fashion stylist to do more than what they have seen in the past.

Is there a particular designer or fashion magazine you would love to do a spread for? 

Daze and confused; and Vogue - those magazines are just cool. They can deliver something odd but still look cool and classy at the same time.

7. Do you have a photographer who’s work you admire?

I like Steven Meisel; Tim walker for his crazy mind; and Miles Aldridge. They are just awesome.

What is your inspiration?

I get inspiration from many things around me, but mostly I get inspiration from watching a movie, any kind of movie. I just like to see how they can deliver certain kind of moods and atmospheres in the movies - and that inspires me a lot.

How do you think the image of ‘beauty’ in Fashion magazines in Asia differ from that in America?

I think it’s not that different, we’re just human and never get enough of anything. When you have tan skin, you want pale skin. When you have cool dark hair, you want blonde hair. Just very human - I think that basic need is the same across the country. 

Raja Siregar, Photographer 

Raja Siregar, Photographer,


Interview by: Sharon N. Hughes, Editor-in-Chief

Makeup tips from Johnatha Camp…Part 2

Let’s continue on with our interview from yesterday with Johnatha Camp, makeup diva…Part 2

Me: So let’s get to the nitty gritty, what are the top 5 season must have makeup? 

Wine or eggplant color lipstick, it definitely defines the lip and makes a bold statement of power and elegance! The smokey eye, colored eye gel, lip gloss, and clear mascara to tame the brows. 
Photo courtesy of

Me: What would you recommend as a day and night look? 

For a day look, I would recommend playing up the eyes with a great mascara on the upper lashes and lower lashes to open the eyes up. By doing this, your eyes will appear more wide and I call this the ”bright-eyed & bush tail” look!   A light and neutral shadow should be applied to the lid and a soft brown color in the crease.  Lip glosses and lipsticks should be soft colors such as corals, soft pink, nudes, and light berry colors.   For the cheeks, apply a coral, soft pink, or soft brown to the ”apples” of the cheeks.  You want to pop your cheekbones with this technique. 

The skin craves warmth and when applied it looks fantastic! 
Makeup by Johnatha Camp
For a night look, you can achieve a smokey eye either applying a dark color whether its dark purple, black, gray, or navy blue on the eyelids or in the crease of the eyes. By going darker in the crease, your eyes will appear deep set and 3-dimensional.  Lining the eyes with a eyeliner gel will draw more attention to the eyes giving a sultry look.  Eyeliner should also be applied in the waterline.  This will present a great contrast with the whites of the eyes and the dark liner in the waterline.  

The key in makeup is to not appear flat and by adding color, contouring, and highlight, this technique will accentuate your facial features to the fullest.  
Me: So what will be trending for Spr/Su 2013/14? Did you see any great looks on the fashion weeks runway?

For the lips, purple, nudes, red lip, and pinks will definitely be trending for those seasons.  Today’s women are not afraid of color.  If applied correctly, it will look fabulous!  I absolutely love nudes and earth tone colors but I’m “head over heels” for purples and pinks!  For the eyes, it’s definitely the “cat eye”. You can achieve this look with eyeliner gel or liquid liner. The eyeliner needs to be a true black and applied with a steady hand. Colored eyeliner is also trending as well. You can achieve this look on the lid or right below the waterline. By doing this, you will make your eyes stand out.

 At the Mercedes Benz Fashion week, I love the models look for Cesar Galindo Collection for Spring 2013.  The purple lip, which looks like MAC’s lipstick “O” was so hot!  I love a pop color- it just makes a huge statement of confidence. 

Photo courtesy of
You can reach Johnatha @jnathacamp and

Friday Features: Makeup Diva, Johnatha Camp…Part 1

We have another amazing artist for you this Friday…Johnatha Camp, Pro MUA, Event Designer, Business woman, Naturalista, Mentor, Mom, Wife and a true Southern Belle - they don’t make them like this lady anymore. 
Johnatha and I met through a mutual friend a few months ago - we instantly clicked and the rest is history. Johnatha has a lot of inspiration for new makeup artist and tips for us beauty lovers. So I will be breaking this interview into two parts. Part 1 is all about Johnatha and her mad skills. Part 2 is all about makeup. So we hope you enjoy.
Johnatha is truly a darling and we will be working together on several projects soon. But enough about us. Learn about Johnatha, her make-up must-haves and what it is like being so fabulous. 

Me: [In my Oprah voice] - Who are you? What would you like for people to know about you?

Johnatha: At my core, I am a very passionate individual who loves to help and encourage people. I use my God-given gifts to do just that. I am a Pro Makeup Artist from Charlotte, NC whose had the opportunity to amplify the look of models, celebrities, brides, and everyday women. 
I am also an emerging event designer whose created the vision for various events such as music videos, business events, and major fashion events in Charlotte, NC.  I also absolutely LOVE my natural hair! I’ve embraced my naturally kinky, beautiful hair for the last 2 years now and I’m on a mission to encourage other young ladies to embrace their true selves. I feel like I’m a “Natural Hair Harriet Tubman”! [laughs]. Lastly, but most importantly, I’m a faithful wife blessed with four outstanding children.

Me: How did you begin as a makeup artist?

Johnatha: Well, I’ve always had the gift of drawing, painting, sketching and crafts.  I used to study magazine photos to figure out how they accomplished that makeup look for the models - I mean literally dissecting every detail of the makeup!  When I was in the fourth grade, my mother bought me my first makeup set. I practiced A LOT! [laughs] 

In 2009, a local contemporary Gospel Artist asked me if I could do her makeup for a show, then later for her music video. This was significant because it gave me the confidence that I, in fact, could become a pro makeup artist. The game changer happened in mid 2010, while being a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding, I met Celebrity Makeup Artist Joy Randall and was so impressed with how she applied our makeup. I got her contact information, she agreed to mentor me and the rest is history.  My steps have truly been ordered by God.

Me: What is the favorite part about your career? 

I believe it’s human nature to draw a great sense of satisfaction from accomplishing a goal. The favorite part of my career is my client being pleased with my finished look. To see the look in their eyes as they look in the mirror, to see their posture change, to witness their self-image and confidence grow right before my eyes is priceless. This also holds true for my event design and natural hair undertakings - to see my client pleased is ALWAYS MY GOAL.

Me: Who or What is your creative inspiration?

Johnatha: Avant Garde definitely inspires me because its creativity is not bland at all! Different is always good! On the event design end, Karl Lagerfeld’s ideas and creativity inspires me because he thinks outside of the box. Before I saw a video of one of his fashion shows, I always would sketch how I would like the layout and theme for a fashion show to be- it definitely wasn’t a cookie cutter show! I love uniqueness because it’s refreshing and inspiring!
So when I saw his fashion show for the first time, I was almost in tears. I felt like I wasn’t crazy for wanting to create theatrics for fashion shows. This solidified exactly what I knew would be a big hit and leave a long-lasting impression on my guests. 

Makeup by Johnatha Camp

Me: What is your style?

Johnatha: For me I like to mix things up a bit but at the same time I’m a classic trendy chic.  I really love color blocking with plenty of accessories on my wrists and neck. I absolutely love bracelets on top of bracelets! I think as an artist, for me at least, I love to hear that “clanking” sound when I am working on a clients face- it’s just one of those things! [laughs]  

Necklaces are so important because it can make or break an outfit and for me, I like big, bold, long neck-wear.  Huge earrings are my must-haves for my look. Pumps, pumps, & more pumps are my loves as well. I love shoes that are eccentric and have a unique look that you won’t see in any department store. 

Makeup by Johnatha Camp

Me: Tell us about Eventions? What can we expect to see from Eventions in the next year?

Johnatha: Eventions is an event design/planner company that started in January 2009 to provide decor services for events such as fashion shows, weddings, corporate events, music videos, etc. 

The name was derived because we create or invent events- that’s a tongue twister! Ha ha! We definitely think outside of the box and commit to creating a fabulous ambiance for our clients. The ”wow factor” is what we strive for every event.  In the next year you can expect Eventions to produce a lot of jaw-dropping fashion shows, networking events, and more.

Me: If we were to look in your handbag what may we find?

Johnatha: A miniature makeup bag with Maybelline Ilegal Length Fiber Extensions mascara, MAC’s nude and colored lip glosses, eye liner, blot powder, and a couple of lipsticks. 

I just love makeup and I have recently condensed my makeup bag with a couple of items and not a whole makeup case sitting in my handbag! I am always prepared to be red carpet ready for just in case the paparazzi is around the corner! Ha ha!   

to be continued tomorrow…..

Interview by
Sharon, Editor-in-Chief

Chicago Fashion Foundation (CFF) completed Sunday with a full-on industry day packed with great topics for designers and fashion retailers - something new and different for this city as they begin to recognize the fantastic creative talent which is tucked away in the city most notable for its architecture, elite Universities and law firms. However, there are a set of designers waiting to explode without having to leave the city, so hats off to CFF as they, along with others, begin to give Chicago Creatives resources and tools to build not only a designer’s business but the city economy as well.

One of my favorite speakers of the day was Premiere Vision - The World’s Largest Premier Fabric Show right here in Chicago. I have personally not been able to attend this show in any of the seven cities it shows around the world. However, the largest being in Paris, is the show screaming color, texture, and embellishments. The video above gives you a little taste of what we have been missing. 

Au/W ‘13-14 will be full of earth, cranberry, metallics and soft shades like khaki and mauve. However the royalty of blue and purple are predicted to be the next black. We will see special prints mixing city and country landscapes and designs; along with opulent textures and designs in dark shades reminiscent of the Baroque era. Medieval paintings and armor inspirations will be prevalent in not only prints but in the structure and design of beautifully crafted leathers. 

Au/W 13-14 sounds so romantic yet mysterious at the same time. Looking forward to the designs which follow.

Autumn/Winter Color palette for 2013-14
Presented by Premier Vision at the Chicago Fashion Foundation Seminar

Autumn/Winter Color palette for 2013-14

Presented by Premier Vision at the Chicago Fashion Foundation Seminar

Friday Features: Eli Gonzales Designs

Our new Friday Features will highlight some of the new comers and the best of the unknown long-timers, in this industry we call the Fashion Biz. From Designers to Tailors; Make-up artist to Stylist; and Photographers to Media editors and so much more. Global Enterprise Models for fashion businesses (GEMf) aims to promote and support the friends, clients and colleagues who are moving and shaking - locally and globally.

He may be emerging but he is definitely not new. Eli Gonzales will soon be a fashion force to be reckoned with. Eli began his career shortly after his most popular appearance on the Philippines Project Runway (Season 1) as a fierce designer in the making - known for his wonderful gowns and skills with draping. Eli has a keen eye on the curves of a woman. He knows what makes a lady look her best and this is his passion. He later launched his career as a bridal wear designer, but soon took a break from the limelight, traveled a bit and waited until this month to launch his 2012 Holiday collection. And how beautiful it is. We sat down with Eli for a brief chat.

Tell us about Eli Gonzales and your designs?

I’m very passionate about design. I remember as a kid, my playtime involved crafts and artwork. I believed I could make things better. Fashion excites me. From the colors to the fabrics; I’m easily inspired on the industry’s energy.

Graduating at the top of my class, I started working under local and international ready-to-wear brands. That taught me to be flexible but at the same time, it hindered my creativity.  I am now involved in academia and have been teaching on and off for seven years. 

This collection is a homage to culture and history. I am not a minimalist, but I am obsessed with fine-hand embroidery, beading and ornamentation. In today’s world, we need to redefine what is precious. Clothes that has value, that’s what I design. I want to design my client’s favorite pieces. And, I want to be your favorite designer.

What was the inspiration in your relaunch line?

The common question I get is “why just now?”. 

Let me explain. I believe that in this life, you are destined to fulfill a mission. Along the way, you will have the knowledge and people to help you reach your full potential. I feel blessed. I met the right people at the right time. I was provided with the resources.

Sharon Hughes (Fashion Business Today Editor) is one of those people who gave me the confidence to reintroduce my line. Her expertise in branding clearly solidified the image I wanted to convey.

Iza Calzado, Filipino Actress for Eli Gonzales Designs

So what can we expect to see?

For this collection, expect pieces that will be your favorite. These items easily blend in a modern woman’s lifestyle.

In the future collection, there will be more exquisite fabrics and vibrant prints. I want it to be festive with a lot of positive energy.

This is not your first collection - what did you do differently this time that wasn’t done in the past and why?

Yes it is true. In the past, I had a clear distinction on what is work and what is play. I never really let my friends become involve in any of my projects. I can say I opened up. All of my friends gave a portion of their time and talent to produce the campaign. My mom and I sew some of the pieces.

This collection has more heart than the ones I did before.

Who or what is your muse? I.e. if your brand was a person who would he/she be and why?

My muse is actually the ugly duckling - Seriously.

I am inspired by people who rose above the bad experiences in their life. I am amazed with their balance of confidence and humility.

The Eli Gonzales woman is in perfect balance. She is confident yet grounded; she is strong yet delicate; she is intelligent yet affectionate.

How would you define your style?

I’m into the polished look of the 50’s. I like clean and wholesome images. I often wear crisp shirts, twill pants and leather shoes. I love color and prints too.

What trends should we watch out for this fall/winter? Will we see some of them in your line?

Opulence. There are a lot of textures, both tactile and visual. Also details like embroidery, beading and pleats.

What’s next?  If I am a trendsetter and looking ahead for Spring/Summer- what should I be on the look out for?

Next season, I’m focusing on the word LOVE. Colors have a certain sweetness. The shapes are youthful. The general vibe is light and refreshing.

What’s next for Eli Gonzales designs?

Gaining a good set of clientele in Jakarta and Singapore is more than I can dream for. But what really excites me is to open my studio in Manila early next year. By that time, I will launch my menswear line.

Eli currently splits his time between Jakarta, Singapore and Manila - where his dresses are made-to-measure - but we hope to see his next collection online soon.

by Sharon N. Hughes, Editor-in-chief

On August 21, 2012 Nine West introduced it’s new Web video channel to the world as the centerpiece of a new multimedia campaign to reinvigorate its brand of trendy, affordable shoes.

Read the article, review the site and comment on your thoughts.